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Say the word dogging to most people in the UK and they will know exactly what its about and some will be even lucky enough to find some dogging locations that have not been spoilt by over use or shut down the the police!

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You know as a dogging fan over the last few years I've bought just about every dogging dvd every made so I think with some expertise I can say that the "On A Dogging Mission" collection kicks ASS and for me the only TRUE dogging porn going as these guys really do just take porn stars to dogging locations and get the to fuck guys

AND when it comes to dogging DVD theirs really only one girl you want to see sucking guys cocks or getting fucked over a car bonnet that's "Anjali Kara" and if you've never checked this amazing asian porn star out buy one of her DVDs NOW.........:

  • I.C.E. In Car Entertainment Dogging - you know its not often that you see Anjali Kara in any other dvd than a Killergram movie but here with Rude Britannia she she's why she's the queen of dogging porn Dogging adventures are caught on camera with these incredibly filthy dirty sluts who get their thrills in a very less than private way
  • On A Dogging Mission 08 - Over 90 minuets of pure filthy in car fucking & cock suckers as they are back on the streets again doing what only these girls can do best DOGGING!. In some real genuine british car park outdoor adventures where everyday guys get to sample the delights of porn stars & slutty dirty wives
  • On A Dogging Mission 01 - my first dogging DVD and for me one of the best so if its not in your porn collection BUY IT as UK's hottest outdoor sex craze comes to DVD in "On A Dogging Mission 1" with swingers DVD star Anjali Kara and her friends including nympho housewives and student sluts take to the streets UK Car parks for some great British dogging action also starring Aya, Chloe B, Claudia, Didi, Felicity Grace (non sex), Kyla Marshall, Lilly, Nikki Starr, Others
  • Dogging Diaries Box Set - you know its not often you get a REAL bargain but one things for sure this collection of Dogging DVDs is that and some as its the last 4 dvds realised from Rob Stones films and whilst "so far" I've not purchased this collection its well worth it with its bargain price tag as its got some great dogging porn videoed over the last few years as Donna Marie invites us into her subversive urban world of dogging this DVd now
  • Urban Perversions 01 - love Anjali Kara? then this is a must download and I've lost count of how many times I've seen this horny housewife slut FUCK and a great dogging DVDs. Here we have an Euro centric dogging feature with Missy Mayers, Keira Farrell, Felicity Grace, Natalie Hack, Samantha Bond, Sahara Knite, plus others doing what they only do best fuck strangers in dogging locations around the UK
  • The Pussy Prowler 3 - you know anyone that goes dogging wearing stockings & suspenders deserves to get fucked and this sexy secretary looks great on the cover as in DVD "The Pussy Prowler" gets down and dirty with real doggers getting fucked all ways in the car. Great movie from Strand Media

Most if not all the dogging DVDs above will involve porn stars and amateur couples just turning up at dogging locations around the UK and finding guys to fuck .........

The thing that really pisses me right off is finding these dogging locations as I've only ever found one, but was lucky enough to get a blow job from this dirty housewife

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