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Want adult movies NOW....... and when I say now I really mean NOW as with Adult Video on demand you can be watching great porn movies within seconds rather than having to wait weeks for your porn DVDs FIX...

but for many the term adult video on demand or the shortened advaition adult VOD will mean bugger all and won't have a clue how to use this great new medium to watch porn - so heres a brief overiew on VOD and the great ways of using it

  • Streaming porn - want porn NOW then streaming is the route for you as the movies will start within a few seconds of clicking the view and with a selection thats 100,000 strong you'll never not have anything to watch
  • Download - want adult movies in DVD quality but within a few hours rather than waiting a few weeks? then the download option is for you as the movies once downloaded are as good as DVDs and can be rented for either 7-31 days
  • PPV Porn - or as its also called pay per view porn and if your looking for a quick fix ( wink wink) then the PPV option is for you as you'll have the ablity to jump staight into movies at almost any sceen and you'll only pay for what you watch

For many people they don't get the video on demand way of viewing porn movies and if you asked anyone in Europe or the US they will soon put you right about this great way to watch high quality movies but at a fration of buying the adult DVD

After all went you consider it how many time do you watch a porn movie before either swapping with a mate or trading it on on maybe Ebay!! well with adult VOD this inst a problerm as all you are doing is effectlily renting porn movies rather than buying and as the rental can be anything from 48 hours to a month.

Although you are NOT buying adult DVDS you still need to be over the age of 18 toy stream, download or PPV these movies so if you are under 18 please leave now

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